Fairs – Festivals In Jaipur and Rajasthan

Fairs – Festivals In Jaipur and Rajasthan

India is known for its fair and festivals, we have lots of main festivals, likewise, maker Sankranti, Baishakhi, Holi,

Diwali etc. and many many more fairs and festivals are being celebrated within India and these festivals are very varied variety depends upon the region also, so that you can say there is a festival in every now and then in any part or region of India.

we are here talking about the fares and Festivals Of Rajasthan Tourist Circuit which are celebrated throughout India so you can plan accordingly.

Kite Festival -Makar Sankranti -Jaipur

The Kite Festival is, which is celebrated on the 14 of Jan every year is known as Makar Sankranti, that day Kites are being flighted.

People are using different color sizes, the shape of kites, playing music on the terrace with loud noise and music.

Eating Rajasthani traditional delicacies, and Til Ke Laddu, Revdi, Gajak it’s a sweet specially made with sesame seed and enjoying the whole day it’s so unique and beautiful.

This festival Becomes spectacular while it gets dark suddenly, the sky gets eliminated with the lots of glittering and glowing fireworks and kites with paper lantern give the stunning view of brightening city’s skyline which looks like  Festival of lights. Know More


Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fair anJaipurd Festivals and Events In

BRAJ HOLI -Bharatpur

The Braj festival is celebrated in places called  Deeg, Kaman, and Bharatpur, which comes in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan, which is known as Braj Region.

This festival is celebrated for two days before the big and beautiful festival of colors i.e. Holi India, this commemorates the timeless love between Radha and Lord Krishna. This festival is an exact replica of the Holi Festival. The center of attraction of this festival is the “Raas Leela” a dance performance that shows the life of Lord Krishna.


Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur
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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur
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Holi Festival – Jaipur

Holi or Dhulandi Festival (Festival of Colours) is celebrated all over India a day after Holika Dahan(Bonfire) in which bonfire is done in the previous night people worship at the bonfire place, on the streets of every colony in India.

On this day the, young and old, boys and girls alike play Holi with dry and watercolors, starts from early morning and lasts until late afternoon

The festival is celebrated in a very special way in Jaipur, where the Department of Tourism organizes an event meant especially for foreign tourists.

Where tourists can play Holi with dry colors and enjoy and live the lifetime memorable experience, along with stunning Rajsthani traditional music and dance performance by the folk artist and can be the part of it.

Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Gangaur celebrates the union of the two and is a symbol of unity and a happy and prosperous married life. Gangaur is celebrated in the Hindi month of Chaitra which falls upon (March-April), the first month of the Hindi calendar.

Gangaur is a digraph of  Gan and Gauri, Gan is a synonym for Lord Shiva & Gauri or Gaur stands for Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. Gangaur is one of the most important festivals in Rajasthan. it is celebrated all over Rajasthan.

This worship which starts from the first day of the ” Chaitra” month ends on the 18th day into the Gangaur festival. On the previous evening Gangaur, women decorate their palms with henna. The idols of Gan and Gauri are immersed in a pond or in a nearby lake on the last day of the festival that is the Gangaur Festival day.

This festival is celebrated especially by women, they worship Gan & Gauri in their houses, for unmarried girls who seek the blessings of Gan & Gauri for a good husband, while the married women pray for the good health and long life of their husbands.

A traditional royal pomp and show procession of Gangaur commences from the City Palace abode of the royal family, The procession is headed by a colorful procession of old palanquins, chariots, bullock carts, elephants and performing folk artists.

passing through the street of Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, Chaugan stadium and finally, merge near the Talkatora.


Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Fairs, Festivals and Events In Jaipur

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Mewar Festival -Udaipur

The Mewar festival, held every year in the month of March-April, occurs simultaneously with the Gangaur festival, In Jaipur.

The festival takes place in Udaipur the only lake city in Rajasthan, Gangaur begins from the next day of Holi and starts with collecting of ashes from the Holi bonfire. Barley seeds are sowed in the collected ashes and are watered.

Married women and unmarried girls observe fast for 18 days, just eating one meal per day to ensure a happy married life and prosperity and good health for their life companion., the unmarried pray for a perfect match of the partner of their choice.

Beautifully dressed women gather to dress the images of Isar (Lord Shiva) and his counterpart Gangaur (Goddess Parvarti). These idols are then carried in a huge procession at Lake Pichola.

Here, the idols are transferred onto boats. This makes a stunning view with the backdrop of Lake Pichola, one must experience this event which will be in memory for the years to come.

finally immersing them in the middle of Pichola Lake. Dances, songs, cultural events, and a firework display are highlights of the festival.

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Rajsthan  Festival – Jaipur

Rajasthan Day is celebrated every year on March 30 to commemorate the day on which the state of Rajasthan came into existence in 1949. Which earlier called as Rajputana.

The Day recalls and shows respect for the heroism, determination, and great sacrifice of the people of Rajasthan.

The ‘Land of Kings’ – Rajasthan, celebrates its foundation day in a glorious way. Celebrated as Rajasthan Festival – is being celebrated in Jaipur and all over the State, revives heritage.

Organized by Tourism Department of Rajasthan, this long list of festivity from morning till late evening with all varied variety of dance and music performances, drama, and other cultural activities.

Including, film festival, army performance, police tattoo show, heritage fashion show, and what not its fun-packed event, so, come and experience the classic journey.





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Desert Festival  -Jaisalmer

Desert Festival is celebrated in the desert city of Jaisalmer comes alive with a mesmerizing performance on the sand dunes. in the night time, it transforms into a new world.

you can enjoy the changing and turning of dunes, the mesmerizing wave patterns fascinate you that you can not describe in the words that only can be experienced.

The festival, organized by the Department of Tourism around January-February, lasts for three days and lets you enjoy the rich and colorful Rajasthani folk culture. enjoy the “real” life Cruz journey on the “ship of the desert” the camel.

Enjoy the traditional musical performances of the world-famous  LANGA  FOLK singers of Jaisalmer in the evening on the cool and cozy desert sand. one can also enjoy puppeteers, acrobats, camel tattoo shows, camel races, camel polo, traditional processions, camel mounted bands, folk dances, etc.


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Pushkar  Fair – Pushkar

Pushkar is most famous, for is the annual Pushkar fair held here during the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar.

that occurs between in the months of October-November

Celebrated for five days from the Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, which is the full moon day of Kartik,

the Pushkar Mela or fair attracts tourists from all over the world.

its world’s largest cattle fair, Thousands of cattle are being sold here also make it. Hindu is taking a dip into the sacred Pushkar lake.

There are lots of activities and games and are being played among tourist and locals, Camel races, competitions,

such as “the longer mustache”, Matka phone, and bridal competitions,

In recent years, the fair has also included an exhibition cricket match between the local Pushkar Club and a team of foreign tourists.

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