Jaipur A Brief History and Introduction

Jaipur A Brief History and Introduction

Jaipur a Brief History

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The city of Jaipur is overflowing with colors, magnificent palaces, forts, and dazzling markets. Is famous as the ‘Pink City,’ the irresistible magnetic power of Jaipur is so strong, that attracts a multitude of tourists from the globe. It forms a world-known the Golden Triangle tourist circuit of India.Jaipur A Brief History and Introduction

This city came to existence in 1727 established by Maharaja Jai Singh II, who shifted his capital from Amber to the new city. Well- known architect state Vidyadhar Bhattacharya used the principles of Vastu Shastra to build the city. that is awarded the distinction of being the first planned city of India.

The history goes back into 1876 when the Prince of Wales first visited India on a tour. Since the color pink was symbolic of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the entire city pink. The pink that colors the entire city marks the for a marvelous spectacular view that soothe the eye of the to the beholder.

Jaipur is a vibrant amalgamation of the old and the new. an old city surrounded by walls and gates decorated with Painting on the pink background.

The pink city successfully maintains its old-world charm. Awarded as UNESCO World Heritage sites including Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar, Jaipur is home of many magnificent forts, palaces, temples, and museums are a feast for eyes.

pink city is one of the famous, beautiful, and largest cities in India, is also holds some of the world’s best exotic, luxuries, and heritage hotels with modern amenities with all the other facilities which can be asked.
The city is well connected with air, railway and by road, all the mode of local transport is available along with the metro and radio taxi Uber and ola.

Jaipur is the capital of the historic state of Rajasthan, the richness of architectural marvels expresses the magnificent grandeur of the past. The local market is full of textiles, handicrafts and gold, silver, and artificial jewelry. The city is also very well known for its traditional cuisines and fast food, the most famous dishes include the Ghewar, Pyaaz Kachori, and Dal Baati Churma.

The lively culture of the city is reflected by its people who prefer to wear colorful attire, consume traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and treat everyone, including the tourists, with graciousness. People of Jaipur known for the hospitality in their blood offers a plethora of options for guests.

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