What is The Best Time To Visit Jaipur

What is The Best Time To Visit Jaipur

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Yes, you will really like to know the best time to visit Jaipur before planning for Jaipur vacations. Jaipur in the vibrant and most happening city so that you can plan as per your itinerary throughout the year but it is advisable to avoid the hot summer month.

Summer in Jaipur starts in April and lasts till June. During the day the temperature may rise up to 45 degrees Celsius which makes it is very difficult to get out.

Sightseeing can be difficult. The beautiful local religious Gangaur festival is celebrated in Jaipur in April. Due to the festival for lots of people travel to the city during this time.

The monsoon welcomes in the pink city of Jaipur from July to September. If you enjoy nature and rain like anything, it is your ideal time to see the pink city in its beautiful colors.

Now you can enjoy the lush green foliage covered the Aravali Range which surrounds the Jaipur city. Though the amount of rainfall is less in this part of India.

It is off-season, and you can find a good Discount at hotels and some other beneficiaries. It is an “ideal” time for budget travelers to visit Jaipur. Apart from this, you will be able to watch the very colorful festival of Teej with during this time.

This is a festive season you will see lots of activity going on in the markets, various types of traditional Rajasthani sweets are sold.

other shops such as (choori walla) bangle-selling, cosmetics, colorful traditional wear shops are seen everywhere along with the hand mehndi(henna) women. Cultural dances and music are also performed by local artists.

Now, here comes the best time to visit Jaipur is from October to March. now its time to welcome of winter, Jaipurites calls its Gulabi Sardi (pink winter), which is perfect to go out and explore Jaipur.

Winter sets in at the beginning of November. It is the high season to visit Jaipur. Evenings get colder toward December and January. The minimum temperature drops down to 4-5degree Celsius some times.

In January, Jaipur hosts the” Jaipur Literature Festival”. Many book writers, students scholars from around the globe gather here to participate, so it is advised to book hotels in Jaipur in advance.

Winters Lasts until March. The month of January and February are ideal for travelers . to get indulge in different activities and safaris amongst other activities. Many Jaipur tour packages are available inclusive of sightseeing options.

In the month of March, Jaipur hosts its famous Elephant festival, the festival of colors “Holi” which attracts a lot of visitors. It is the best season to travel to Jaipur.


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